Weekday Knights of the Round Table Bio – Sir Tristan

This weekend was heretic. I finally clear all the routes of the Knights and Europe. Sorta explain why I am posting this so late, considering I got some housework to be done as well.

Anyhow, Sir Tristan, everyone. Known as the unfortunate Knight. He was supposedly escorted lady Iseult to wed King Mark of Cornwall, but, during their journey, the two accidentally consumed a love potion and fell madly in love. Their story is full of misfortunes and hardships. Read it as a kid, pretty nice!!

Tristan in the game is the same as her legend. Whenever she goes, Tristan’s life is constantly in danger. She mixes up the tea leaves and spicy power, washes up ashore on an abandoned island, and is the prime victim for Sir Palamedes’s poison experimentation (in all sincerely, Palamedes does want Tristan dead, for a reason haha). The only thing Tristan considers herself to be lucky is having been in love with the MC…though her wish is also to die in his hand while whispering “愛してる”

Sadly, no H-scene, else she’d make it into my top 3


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