Joukamachi no Dandelion

If the world royalty and heirs were as down to earth and sensible as the  Sakurada family; the world will be a better place. Dandelion takes the teachings of giving heirs and royalty a “normal” lifestyle to teach them life’s value to the extreme. The entire family lives life as any “normal” with the 9 children all attending public school,   have middle-class home—with a horrifying single bathroom. The Castle and crown is only needed when their father the king goes to work. The main focus of the shows, however, is the daily routines of the nine children. In particular the fourth princess, Akane. Akane has only one fear in her life, and it is public embarrassment. This is the focus for a lot of the show’s humour. Why you asked? Well, the shows has two little twists: first,  each and every moment outside of the home and castle is televised for the public’s entertainment; second, royal family members have magical powers distinct to each one of them.

Putting all three elements together gives the shows full of laugh and coupled with the fact that the king is democratic , and decides to have a an re-election to pick the next king makes this a one of a kind slice of life.

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