After nearly 3 weeks, I finally finished Eiyuu*Senki GOLD. By Savage

I could’ve finished the game much sooner, approx. a week, if I ignore side missions, extra heroines, and hidden contents. Figuratively, my lifespan shortens quite a bit. Everyday, I try to input at least 2-3 hours, and more when I can. And even that was not enough to 100% clear it. Continue reading

Shokugeki no Souma

There’s absolutely no way that Shokugeki no Souma is finished here, as there’s plenty of manga material to move on with a second, or even third season in the near future. We have to just wait in anticipation of tasting Souma and his friend’s food again. The first season was a blast from start to finish.

Seeing the manga  animated in just a way makes me laugh a lot. The way oall the mangs pages  all come to life on the screen proved just how much better food suits not just a visual sense, but also auditory sensations. The one limitation of our TV screens were not being able to taste or smell the food.

Souma repeatedly takes his diner dishes to the next level by incorporating newly learned techniques, elevating them to tables serving both regular and higher social classes.

Baby Steps 2

The best thing for me this second season, is the development of Natsu and Ei-chan’s relationship. The series’s creators allowed Natsu to confess her feelings to Ei-chan without dragging it on like other shows. In the first season, Natsu became Maruo’s drive to improve in tennis, but their relationship was just friends. Now,  they have become closes in both tennis and romance. This season has shown us that love in the same field can also play a huge part in developing a person’s focus and determination to overcome any trial in their path.

Aside from his romance, Maruo also have a wide cast of talented players to learn from and compete against. In this season, Maruo was able to play head to head with a a lot of these players, as prove of his rapid growth. The way Maruo carefully analyses both himself and his opponents in the matches.   One of my absolute favorite arcs covered his match against Takagi Sakuya where Maruo struggled to control his emotions and harness the stress of playing such an underhanded tennis player.

The ending of this season was very much to my liking. It ended in a extremely close match with Nabade-kun, as a reflection of their match in season 1 and how much Ei-chan has grown over the course of two seasons.

Classroom Crisis

Classroom Crisis is a familiar type of show with its high-school setting, but also try to differentiate itself by moving the cast to Mars. The story is set in the city of Fourth Tokyo,  known as Kirishina City, in the Martian Japanese prefecture. It’s a new and interesting way to do things.

The show focuses on on Mizuki, a student at the A-Tec, in what looks like a fully terra-formed Martian landscape filled with blue skies, green trees and familiar structures. She is straight forward character, who is always smiling and looks at the positive side of things. A contrast to her is friend Iris. Iris is a serious type character ,who has a clear need for speed and amazing piloting skills.  Mizuki also has an older brother, one that teaches at the academy, and is involved as a senior engineer in the Kirishina Corporation. At the start of the series, we see the Kirishima Corp. dealing with a hostage situation of A-Tec new chief and transfer student. This was a good opening to let the audiences meet the cast and get some of the show’s background.

Into the second half, we learned of the captors motives, they were day labourers, who are finding their resources and money being taken away from them. They were just trying to find a way to survive. Therefore, they kidnapped Nagisa, the transfer student, for ransom. The company statement is that they won’t pay the ransom because Nagisa has no value to the company. Kaito as a traditionalist and a caring teacher decides to brainstorm and act on a rescues plan. Amusingly, while Kaito and his class were planning, Iris sneaks out of class and borrows the prototype ship to go on a rescue mission on her own since she was a better pilot then Kaito.

In the end, there was no need to rescue because Nagisa negotiate his own release from the kidnappers. Yet, Iris manages to completely destroyed the hundred of trillion of dollar ship in the process.

In conclusion, Class Crisis is a unique show in its setting and views of business and economic, similar to Spice and Wolf.  It shows a very real world approach to the way of the world, and that not everything can be solves with heart and will alone.