Rokka no Yuusha

This show caught my attention with it being a fantasy show and not set in a school for a change. The show has this unique art style that takes in Azatec art.

This was  a eye catching thing for me, and it drew me into the show. The problem I had with this show are its shallow characters. Even after giving it a few episodes, there was no improvement, the bunny girl appearance had no explanation or importance,  and the overall cast is just unlike -able . As soon as the heroes arrived at the temple, I was hooked by the mystery of the seventh hero, and I was trying to figure out who was the fake. I was expecting my theories to be proven by the next few episodes, and we will move onto the land of demons. I didn’t expect the show to captivate on the mystery all the way to the end of the series, and the cast never left the barrier while Adlet tries to survive and clear his name.

The thing that improve the show so much for me was the way it shifted the suspicion all over the cast. None of the characters were beyond suspicion, you can think that one was the fake only to have your theories destroyed in the next episode. Not even the ending was safe, there was no clear evidence as to is the fake. I was holding my breath the whole time as Adlet laid wounded, while trying to unmasked the fake.


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