“Visual Novel Corner” Black Bunny: Another Dungeon Conqueror, but as the Overlord.

And here, as you can see, I am in the process of buying my harem. Forgot how many times I redid this scene. Had to figure out the exact amount to purchase her will: too much will waste my assets, and too little will not be enough, since she takes all the offering cash, regarding if it’s over or under.

To be specific, you play as the Overlord’s minion, working through the ranks to be the top, and to unlock more girls to…”release your mana”. It’s an interesting game, kind of like the Rance series, with very mild, short sex scenes, not 10minutes of moaning; but nonetheless, capture the interest and stay apart of the story (sorta…hahaha).

The game can be extremely frustrated at the beginning, as you struggle to gain combat capabilities, but once you got the hand of it, things should be pretty simple.

It’s a great game, with great gameplay, and a decent/average story. I can’t wait for the translation of its sequels.


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