Etotama was very fun to watch, but also quite a tricky one to justify. It is full of stupid, self-conscious jokes, bouncy boobs, and charming characters.

The added 4-wall breaks are very fun  to watch for me and essential to the comedic nature, but I can understand that they can be annoying to some. The eto-musume’s battles were turned into a reality TV show for the MCs and the gods to enjoy. It has all the antics of a modern TV: commercials, blue-ray releases,  daily viewerships, and ranking. I think the show decided it this way to form a relationship with us as the audiences as fan of a show coming together under one roof to watch a show with drinks and snacks. I almost thought that I was supplying the girls with sol/lull like Takeru and rooting for neko-chan.

The CG of this anime is one of the best I have seen in anime. The animation was fluid with a good balance of colour and over the top finishing moves. I look forward to each of these fights each week. The anime did a good job of explaining the reasons of chu-tan’s motives and behaviours. Her hatred for the cat clan was a slow build up with details and neko-chan memories return and gave chu-tan a path toward redemption. We all at some point heard of the deception of the rat on the cat in zodiac race, so it is clear to reason that there is some else going to fuel Chu-tan hate. The ways the show revealed Chu-tan’s doubts, burdens as a leader, loneliness and neko-chan actions let darkness into Chu-tan heart. It was easy understandable with all the stress in Chu-tan’s mind.

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