The Asterisk war

To quite honest I like the show a lot, this is a personal thing as I always had a thing for harem battle series. I like seeing how the main character interact with the girls and see each girl personality.

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Subete ga F ni Naru

I really wanted to do a review of this series when it ended, but I just didn’t have time. The story of this anime is pretty generic. Our amazingly well written MCa travels to isolated island to meet a genius woman, Shiki, whom is locked on the island for ages, partially of her own choosing. As our duo head to see her, the power suddenly shut down, and the computer system running the lab shuts down due to a trojan. Suddenly, the door to Shiki’s room opens, and she is seen rolling out of the of on a trolley wearing a wedding dress and missing her limbs. Saikawa-sensi and Nishino-kun tries their best to solve the mystery of Shiki’s murder. Continue reading