Ace of Diamond 1

I always have a place for sport anime in my watch list, and after reading some reviews I decided to give this anime a shot. I really enjoyed Cross Game, so I thought it will be the same with this, I was wrong. It far exceeded my expectations.

Ace Of Diamonds did a good job of explaining the loads of terms I was unfamiliar with in baseball. Things like different type of breaking ball, what a pick off is, the advantages of pitches against same and opposite type batters., and even some situations where someone should cover different bases depending on where the batter hit the ball. I learned so much about baseball from watching this anime. I think anyone who would like to learn about baseball will really enjoy this series, and it will those like me, who likes the sport, but is ignorant about its process.

Ace of diamond has definitely became one of my favourite sport anime like The Way Kuroko Plays Baseball, Baby Steps, and Haikyuu. I absolutely love every aspect of this show and how in-depth they go into the theories of baseball and all that the sport is about. I love the character development, the diversity on the characters and the level of baseball they portrayed playing competitively through the tournaments.They do their best to make every interaction hold your breath and that every game presents it own challenges to help the team learn and grow. Each team that Seido faces have their own strength. While I do feel that some games are dragged longer than needed, nothing felt like filler. I thing everything flow very smoothly and every character in Seido and their opponents were represented fully.

Like I mentioned above, the anime does a good job of explaining baseball, so that even those without much knowledge can sit back and appreciate the game and plays made in the anime, and then transfer it into a real game. By the end of the anime, you should be able to understand what “Three-Hole”, “Clean Up”, or “Lead Off”, you even know what different pictures are, such as the “Cutter”, “Change-Up”, or “Knuckle Ball”.

This anime is something I would recommend to anyone who likes sport anime, but also anime with good character development, friendship, growth and adapting to harsh situations. I think anyone who gives this anime a go will be drawn to the story and love the characters..I will definitely watch season 2..


coach kataoka is the best teacher.

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