Young Black Jack

The story of kuroo hazama as a medical student before he became the legendary Black Jack, we all know today. A rare story medical anime that we don’t see often.

I’m a pretty big fan of Tezuka Osamu’s original Black Jack series, so I was pretty excited when this spin-off series will be animated. The story follows the same layout as Black Jack, a bunch of short stories where Hazama perform a little medical magic for one reason or another while dealing with a sort of confict to protect his patient. The difference is that it is much darker and has more depth as it took place in such a controversial time period of Japan and the world. It introduces ideas of freedom of speech, war, racism and corruption of the government; it takes us back to events like the Vietnam War and the Civil Right’s movement of America . This series has a more realistic approach to medicine than Black Jack since it was written in 2010 and Black Jack was written much earlier, so it nice to see a sterile environment this time around. . It’s also nice to see how they incorporated Hyakkimaru, another work by Tezuka Osamu) into the series to draw parallels.

I didn’t really have a problem with it, but apparently the art style was a big deal to some Black Jack/ Osamu fans. The anime sports a more bishounen yaoi-esque look with Hazama being this really fit handsome young man. I mean, Black Jack is meant to be really handsome save for that big patchwork on his face, so I really didn’t have a problem with it. Rather I actually liked it better than Osamu’s round and comedy-like artwork. I think the art style for Young Black Jack fit the mood better and made it a tad bit more series where it needed to be (no hate please. I like Osamu’s art too).

It’s a tad bit overdramatic in places here and there, but it’s nice to see how the prodigal student of Honma Joutarou fell into the darkness of becoming Black Jack. It really goes to show that sometimes the world is so screwed up that the people who care most are forced to enter the darkness because of their kindness. And with Black Jack’s skill, you just work magic all day everyday.

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