The Asterisk war

To quite honest I like the show a lot, this is a personal thing as I always had a thing for harem battle series. I like seeing how the main character interact with the girls and see each girl personality.

This is a pretty classic of school battle genre, meaning you are in for slice of life, combing with dangerous battles you must fight to reach the top when you enrolled in.

The setting is a classic and standard of a light novel, meaning that an anime is not the best of for dumping and condensing 40 pages of text into 23 minutes episodes, but that is the same in other mediums of entertainment and the same for a lot of light novel anime adaptation. I just learn to accept it and move on. Having said that, the first episode did a good of explain the context of the story to the audience and introduce us to this world.

This show remind me a of Irregular at Magic Highschool, in the the main character are already powerful, but has some sort of weakness or limiter that prevent them from using their abilities to the fullest. It means the characters have to be resourceful and mechanical about using their attacks. Their is less of who can use the biggest world shattering technique and destroy everything in sight to kill one person.

Would I recommend this series? Well that entirely is up to your tastes. If, you are like and enjoy harem school battle series then give this a go because A-1 Picture is doing this, and they usually quite good with animation. I will leave in your hands, you decide.

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