Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka


Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka(ご注文はうさぎですか, lit: Is the order a rabbit?) is one of those shows that has cute girls, but working at a café.

The story involves a girl named Hoto Cocoa who is finding the place she is supposed to stay during her studies. After wondering around town, she finds a café called “Rabbit House.” She enters with the impression that one can pet and cuddle rabbits. Sadly, she was disappointed when she meets a girl named Kafuu Chino. Still, she manages to cuddle one even though it is a strange one that can talk. She soon realized that she came to the place and started working there as a waitress. During the first day, she meets another girl named Tedeza Rize, who is a military nut and carries around a gun. Shortly after, she meets two other girls, (Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo) who work at different cafés. What new experiences will Cocoa have while she stays at the new town?

Like most slice of life shows, the story is character driven and focuses on various short stories. I admit that I enjoyed every moment since the segments are very pleasant, relatable or heartwarming. Since there are so many fun moments in this show that I will be here all day sharing my thoughts on them (I shared the ones that I really enjoyed in a recent editorial).

Even so, there are some heartwarming moments that I like such as Chino taking care of Cocoa while she is sick and having to go out in a big snowstorm to get cold medicine from Chiya. Also, there is Cocoa giving a Christmas present to Chino while she is sleeping. In addition, there are some hilarious moments, especially with Sharo and her insecurities of being poor along with her tendency to run away from rabbits that seem to like her for some reason.

As for the characters, I already said that Rize and Sharo are my personal favorites. Even so, I enjoy all the characters since they have very enjoyable personalities besides from having cute appearances. While Chino’s friends, Megumi and Maya show up in some of the episodes, they are enjoyable when they show up, especially Maya who tries to imitate Rize a couple of times. Also, Aoyama is enjoyable as well. Aside from going to cafés just to look at cute girls and trying to look up Sharo’s skirt at one point, her reaction when she hears Tippy’s voice (which is Chino’s grandfather) was funny, especially when she believed that a stuffed animal was talking after hearing it for the first time.

As a whole, Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka is a very enjoyable show and I liked every minute of it. Aside from shipping Cocoa with Chino and Sharo with Rise, watching one episode can be compared to eating a strawberry sundae. The animation and the music were great because they perfectly matched the calm and peaceful mood of the show. 

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