shomin sample

Shomin sample is one of those rare ecchi harem anime that feels original and refreshing  to watch not only because its setting is unusual, but its ecchi element seem very natural and that is what makes it funny. It also has a likeable harem MC for once. How rare is that?

The idea of having a fully- sheltered rich girls school and for a male student to transfer in is nothing new in the world of  anime, but then to make all the ladies clueless about the workings of ordinary commoners? Making the MC out to be gay, and have a fetish for muscle-men? No, I think it has never been done before in anime.

That is to say, our main character Kimito is one day kidnapped and forced to enroll in the school in order to help the female students to learn how to interact with not only a commoner, but also a person of the opposite gender for the first time. And I dare you, do *not* underestimate just how unbelievably ignorant these girls are about how the real world functions. In their eyes, ordering food at McDonald’s is equivalent to the second coming of Jesus. That’s how disconnected they are from reality in this series, and it’s also the main source of the comedy that Shomin Sample has to offer. It’s incredibly silly, but that’s also what makes it so charming and original.

This is further emphasis by the fact that Kimito is a huge troll since the girls are not only clueless but as gullible as it “Gets”, he play tricks on them time and time again, especially Aika. Kimito and us end up laughing out heads of at the girls making a fool of themselves and Kimito getting punched in the face when the truth comes out. It might be consider rude, but it was done in a such a light-hearted and comedic fashion, and it rarely fails to make you laugh as a result.

Either way, Shomin Sample was a  series I thought would never get adapted base on its unorthodox ecchi storyline, but I am glad it did. Compared to the abundance of Magic high-school anime out there, and including this Fall season 2015. It has done quite in a lot of categories to me: it is funny, it is cute, it is original, and it doesn’t force things down the audience ‘s throats. For an anime of this genre, that is all you can really ask for. I wholeheartedly recommend this series to you.

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