Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

Murders have a been a sour subject for the toughest of humans, but for some people their jobs are to investigate the scenarios behind these murders. Yes. the subject is bleak, but I always enjoy a good murder mystery, and the Fall anime season responded to my wishes with Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation.

Revolving around the titular character Sakurako, the premise is solely around her and her investigations. She is a highly imaginative and incredibly intelligent young lady who is able to tell you just about anything you need to know about bones, be it fracturing, age or where each bone in a body comes from. With a lot of experience in dealing with bones due to her career in Osteology, as well as having a renowned father in the field, Sakurako is bright and able to think in ways that your average Joe would be unable to. Thinking against the grain of the norm leads her to the first investigation in the series.

Shōtarō is a school boy who is quite down to earth, compared to Sakurako’s weird ways. He ensures that she is always in check and that she doesn’t do anything too crazy, acting as Sakurako’s “crazy-o-meter”. When she hits full crazy, he steps in to calm her down. In the first episode alone, we find her obsession with wanting to take a human skull for herself. Each to their own, I suppose. Shōtarō also serves the purpose of the “Watson” of the duo. He helps her out, but sometimes he does so reluctantly.

My conclusion about this anime is that if you have some free time check this series out.. It is basically the anime form of Bones.


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