Noragami Aragoto

When talking about a series like Noragami, I often think of a fairy tale that happens in the modern world. The story is a poor modern delivery god name Yato, and his quest to own a shine of his own. Built upon previous concepts of the first season, Noragami Aragoto comes back in full force, and I can say for sure fans of the first season will like what this season brings.

 Continuing where the first season left off, we get a full course of the story from the get go. Noragami, as a series focuses on the crafting of human emotion through fantasy. The previous series touched upon personal conflicts such as Bishamonten’s troubled past. With this sequel, the past of Yato and Veena’s relationship and past is brought to light. This sequel is a full on emotional roller coaster ride, from the very first few episodes, we can see a much darker background building through the flashbacks. This is demonstrated through the PTSD-trauma situations, as each episode builds up to a grand climax at the end. At the focal point, we have the trio: Yatto, Yukine, and Hyori.

A good portion of the season is used to look at the characters from a personal approach. A key character and enemy to Yato is Bishamonten, we take a look at what happens to her in the past to link her with Yatto. Her regalias of the Ma family were all kill off by Yatto, except for Kazuma. This causes her to want revenge, sound plausible right? There is a lot to the story, and thank god the anime puts in all the effort to flush out the story. In the present, we have a lot of tension with  Bishamonten’s followers.Some of her prominent regalias such as Kazuma and Aiha get their own roles with discrete purpose. At the same time, it creates some tension among her own group as tense feelings are expressed. Similarly, Yukine experiences grief as he loses a friend and learns about the destiny of being a shiki. Furthermore, Yato and Hiyori builds more of their relationship with trust that becomes stronger each episode. This can also be applied to Yato and Yukine as the latter even puts his own life at risk in battle. It goes to show how far these three’s friendship has led to their strong loyalty. Unfortunately, there’s also betrayal as viewers will learn the real mastermind who engineers suffering and despair throughout season. That’s just the first half though, there’s even bigger things that awaits those who is patient and eager to see how far the story develops. These include the origins of masked phantoms, how Gods exists, and what awaits for Yato’s future.

Although the season is much darker than than the parent series, comedy is still a stable ingredient of the anime, so yes we will see a lot of laughs from this. Anyone who as seen the first season will see how Yatto lack of common sense, places him in stupid situations.

Aragato is definitely a sequel that will appeal to anyone. Whether you are looking for some drama, action or comedy, it has a bit of everything to satisfy you, Our main characters return, and it is fun to see where they are now.

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