Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai

It was by no means a perfect anime, but it was what I was looking for and it is perfect in my eyes. It’s a ecchi show, but is not only made of fan-service. It was a simple show that lights the mood, and allow me to laugh at some of the outrageous misunderstandings.

The story had some depth for a show of this genre, so it had me quite intrigued with the magical world it was crafting for me. It was by no mean that thought provoking of a show, but you will be surprised with some of the characters’ development. Based in a world where magic has been outlawed, and the story is about the 35 platoon combat with illegal magic uses.

The art was smooth, nothing was too out of portion or painful to look at.

The characters: lets be honest, the reason we watch ecchis isn’t because of its flawless story-line and crazy action. While this show has these as well, the characters are what bring us to become infatuated with a show. The main isn’t a complete looser, in fact he is a top bloke, whilst he does have a harem and nothing has happened (so far episode 10). It’s bound to the imagination of the watcher to decide their preferred partner.

Overall, I  got pretty hyped and excited for this show every week.

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