Concrete Revolutio


Do not be fooled by the overall review score here on my animelist, as the anime uses time skipping techniques that a lot of watchers are too lazy to bother with, but there’s actually nothing wrong with it.

The story first executes with a simple beginning to help viewers keep in mind of the main goal. The main male detective, Jirou, involves himself with superhumans to keep a certain order in check. He and his gang accumulate themselves more members as the story seems to climb up to some sort of ultimatum resolution while piecing its different moments together slowly but surely.

The artwork is very stylish and sometimes, would remind me of Gurren Lagann, although it does not have as much focus on over the top moves. Some characters have unnecessary design just for style, like Jirou’s hair hanging very noticeably on one side of his face.

The music is cool. It could have more clarity with peculiar situations, though hopefully not too emotional to the point that it would go off of the anime’s style and impression.

The way the story progresses is a reliever because it does not follow a lot of typical shounen ways in particular, which is another reason why it is given a bad score. Also, some battles are very intellectual, not just rigged or random otaku plan that somehow works in order for the plot to proceed. The anime does have a set of moral themes but it does not linger in an overdramatic manner.

Despite its pros, the anime does need a little more “oomph” to reach a justifiable and amazing state. The anime also needs to present more explanation, sometimes clearer. One must keep in mind of the information that’s paused for the viewer, although there are rl people who have a guide to that time line to help those who are confused. Lastly, the anime could have more badass climaxes, but overall, the anime somewhat suffices for that so viewers may enjoy it throughout the episodes.

All in all, it is worth a try, and I would give it at least 4 episodes before thinking of dropping it.

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