Senki Zesshō Symphogear

What a mind-blowing anime. Every bit of goodness packed in about 30 minutes of futuristic action packed visuals, eardrum blowing sound and a story that, so far looks to be heading to the right direction for one of the most viewed, most popular, eyes popping anime of the year. Fanboys rejoice, even though its only the first episode thats currently out I can already tell that this is chuck full with allot of emotions that will make you cry both for tears of joy and sadness (I had water in my eyes throughout the whole episode). The gods of anime have answered my prays and delivered to us his blessing with Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

Not to give too much away. The story is revolved around Hibiki Tachibana who was to go with her best friend Miku Kohinata that couldn’t make it to their first live concert to witness “Twei Wing” (the popular vocal group as written in the description) only to have the concert attacked by creatures called Noise. During the attack the group Twei Wing two members Tsubasa and Kanade transformed into their battle gear called ‘Symphogear’ to defeat and protect the people from “Noise” only to have something go terribly wrong (watch the anime to know what happens).

Stating a flawless anime right away is just not in me)
The transformations are freaking awesome)
Turn those sub-woofers up)
It just started and they just lovable) no haters on board this bus

If you love anime allot and don’t watch this gtfo (just kidding this is a must see and a great series to open your year with
If your new to anime I recommend this hands down two thumbs and big toes crossed.

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