seraph of the end season 2

A lot of people think that Seraph of The End is the copy of Attack on Titian, but this is is not the case. Yes, both series have revenge driven boys that want to kill titans/vampires, have awesome demonic weapons, and live their their lives in worlds where the concept of humanity is tested.

While Attack on Titans focuses more on discovering the truth, Sereph tends toward protecting families and friends. In the end, both anime are interesting and great to watch.
The story isn’t TOO original, but it does have its unique moments. In fact, I think that the story’s very entertaining and worth watching. Also, the anime’s rather fast-paced. It’s not one of those anime that linger on one story or place for, like, 3 episodes.

Romance DOES brew as the story develops, so anyone who is interested in romance, fantasy, and action would be interested in this anime.

The art for both the manga and anime are beautiful.

1) There is a wide variety of characters. There’s that revenge-driven protagonist, the kind and innocent one, the playful but sadistic(?) vampire, the mysterious and funny female character, and so on.
2) The anime takes time to develop each and every character, instead of focusing on just the protagonists.
3) I just wish that the girls were a bit stronger. But they are still pretty badass

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