Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX

I’ll first start by saying I love this series due to how over the top everything is. It’s the definition of “turn your brain off and it becomes awesome” anime, a popcorn anime in the most affectionate of definitions.

I loved the first season, disliked most of the second season, and LOVED about 70% of the third season. The remaining 30% was either meh, or too absurd and poorly done to even be able to turn your brain off enough to enjoy it. Episode 6 of GX was by far the best episode in any anime this season, for what it is; it rivals even the best of the year. You know the feeling when the side-crew are getting stomped, not even Piccolo can help them and Goku is in recovery? He comes back and unleashed a flurry of badassity that causes your blood to pump and your hairs to stand on edge.

That was Hibiki in episode 6, it was such a great episode and despite the first episode being the best opener, and the episodes 2-5 being decent in their own right, episode 6 destroyed any of my thoughts that suggested GX wouldn’t be prime Symphogear.

Then, sadly some amusing characters died, a character is brought back from S2 as more or less a plot-shield to keep the show going, and oh my god was I ever wrong with episode 6. The final episode of this show was absolutely abysmal.

It literally felt like the writers were fed up with the show and just wanted it to be over with, the tense build up in the previous episodes, killing off the two new characters with decent character designs, all culminated into a “With our powers combined… GIANT FIST ATTACK!” which would be cool if there were a legit explanation for it, which there wasn’t.

Then you have a weird lead-in to a possible fourth season…

I was expecting to be really bummed that Symphogear was ending, after finishing it, I felt totally cool with it.

Not to mention that last scene…. that was really awkward.

However, for the amount of fun I had through the show, if this does get a fourth season I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, but if this were the finale of Symphogear as a series, then I don’t recommend Symphogear to anyone, period. That was one of the worst final episodes I have ever seen, and this is coming from someone who loves this show despite it’s many, many flaws.

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