One Punch Man

This show has clearly earned it place on the top of the charts. It has won over my undying support with its structure and substance. I welcome any show from now to aim for the standard that has been set here today. Maybe other shows will do better, or just hight what OPM did well.

From the lead characters to the setting and dialogues, OPM took the shonen action genre and played with its conventions in the most creative and memorable ways possible. I want to talk about the Hero Association and its questionable Hero Rating system. We were told that Saitama set a new record for the physical test, but did poorly on the written exams. Genos, as we know is weaker that Saitama, but was awarded S-rank as to Saitama C-rank. Saitama was able to rise through the ranks afterwards, but his weak written exam was never mentioned again.

Like the manga, we still have no idea about the identity of Metal knight and Amai Mask. Hopefully, we get a season two we will get more detail.

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