Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There are a lot of ways to adapt something. Shounen battle series tend to very quickly fall into a very dull variation of that: really slow pacing that goes on forever with long boring drawn out battles that all look like each other. David Production looked at them, and just said “we can do better!”

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Crest of the Stars


Crest of the Stars is one of the most impressive sci-fi TV series I’ve ever seen certainly on par with Doctor Who or Star Trek and a tad more credible than either From the incredibly intricate battle sequences (no ridiculous Spanish galleon standoffs here, they use all angles of attack, just as they should!), to the equally intricate rendering of the Abh language and culture.Crest of the stars is in universe that is believable and intriguing.

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Natsume Yuujinchou s2



Natsume’s Book of Friends continues to be a quiet slice-of-life drama based on the adventures of a young man who carries a special ability few people share. The transition is as seamless as any of the aforementioned shows, each episode as self-contained as the others (with one of the stories-of-the-moment stretching over two episodes this time around.)

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Natsume Yuujinchou S1

When I read the synopsis to Natsume’s Book of Friends the first time, I admit I rolled my eyes and muttered “I can see dead people” before moving on to wondering just how close to shows like Bleach this would end up being. And if not that, how big of a Gary Stu would our main character end up becoming. It Only took one episode to shatter those thoughts and the second episode to grip my attention.

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The Cat Returns

I was recommend this from my society, as for it being a Ghibli I thought I will give this one a watch, I did enjoyed the movie , but I did think that it was falling short in the development of the characters and the story. The baron is definitely a plus on the movie ( he is so cool). This movie’s art did, however, capture my eyes from start to finish.

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Konosuba is one of the funniest anime that I have watched so far, but Baka no Test still is the king on my comedy list. Konosuba is one of those anime that will leave a smile on your face after you had seen it because after each week there will be scene that will make you laugh.

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