Konosuba is one of the funniest anime that I have watched so far, but Baka no Test still is the king on my comedy list. Konosuba is one of those anime that will leave a smile on your face after you had seen it because after each week there will be scene that will make you laugh.

I didn’t expect the anime to do it story the way that it did. I was expecting a general harem anime about our MC, Kazuma, and his harem party focusing on hunting and fighting the demon king and his army. I was wrong, as they only do manual jobs around the city, take on really strange quests for a MMO type of environment and get into debt. What is more funny about this anime is that the main characters are bunch of individuals who are not failure in a sense because they have unique powers which are really powerful but what is wrong about them is their mindset and their different behaviours. This is what set the anime apart from Log Horizon, Overlord, or SAO 

The art is good for this type of show and the enjoyment is 10/10 because I can guarantee with you now that you will enjoy every single episode especially when the characters do weird or funny things. There were times while watching this anime that I started laughing out loud because of the comedic situations. Each episode will make your day a happy one.


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