The Cat Returns

I was recommend this from my society, as for it being a Ghibli I thought I will give this one a watch, I did enjoyed the movie , but I did think that it was falling short in the development of the characters and the story. The baron is definitely a plus on the movie ( he is so cool). This movie’s art did, however, capture my eyes from start to finish.

The animation is flawless. In many scenes, we got a amazing view of Tokyo, you can even see the individual streets. But in the cat kingdom, everything seems more surreal. The use of CGI is clear in some scenes, yet it didn’t really hurt the animation because the overall result has more of a callback to traditional cel animation. The music has a light and whimsical nature to it that relaxes your soul.

The main problem of the show for me is that while, many of the show’s characters are extremely well-developed and interesting, the same can be said for the show’s MC: Haru. She is as wishy-washy as a MC can be, and the growth that we got at the end of the movie just didn’t gain my approval. The lines that were meant to show her development seem out of sync or were just add-on in the end. The baddie was just an old selfish king that makes no impression on me whatsoever. On the other, we have the Baron and Muta. who are colourful, wonderful and an absolute treat to have. They each have the distinct personality that contrast and compliment each other. Those two stole the spotlight, and would maximise the potential of the movie if it was base solely on them.

Secondly, the movie was lost and didn’t have a theme to be its groundwork. They try to create on with Haru, but her lack of initiative and plainness ruined the effect. This is a shame because a lot of Ghibli movies feature strong female leads. If we are not too critical about these things, then the movie can still be a amazing ride of joys and thrills.

While a far cry from other similar titles, The Cat Returns is a worthwhile addition to the Ghibli catalogue and a satisfactory watch that I would feel comfortable recommending to most anyone, anime fan or not.




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