Crest of the Stars


Crest of the Stars is one of the most impressive sci-fi TV series I’ve ever seen certainly on par with Doctor Who or Star Trek and a tad more credible than either From the incredibly intricate battle sequences (no ridiculous Spanish galleon standoffs here, they use all angles of attack, just as they should!), to the equally intricate rendering of the Abh language and culture.Crest of the stars is in universe that is believable and intriguing.

Crest of the Stars is set from the perspective of the Abh alien race rather than humans of earth. The Abh were showed to be distinctive in their personalities, and even with the differences between human and Abh. The views can easily understand their point of view and in some cases side with the Abh rather than humans.

Throughout the series as they are travelling with each other, Junto  and Lafiel learned more about each other and similarities and differences of Abh and humans. We see that something like this could happen in real life if a race like the Abh visited earth.

Through the eyes of Junto, a lander learning about what it means to be a Abh noble was a interesting way to look a foreign, and yet all too real and similar to human’s. The characters of Junto and Lafiel were striking from the start with Jinto’s earnest nature dovetailing well with Lafiel’s eagerness to prove she’s more than just a girl with the right bloodline.

Episodes in the series with the politics interactions( and later war)  between the Abh and the United Mankind. It feels like a giant chess match in the corners of space. It is not like some fantasy show where giants robots duel it out or space battles. It is a show bout the exploration of characters and the blocks of universe building.

From opening to ending, Crest of the Stars is just incredibly good, and I’m not surprised it was such a hit in Japan.This is one of those rare deep space science-fiction series that transcends the genre and becomes a damn good story on its own.


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