I really did enjoy this anime. .  From moment one I was drawn in by the intriguing story and the understated characters, I want to like it more, but there are some aspects of it that did sit well with me. When you have a show that shines this brilliantly, it is sad to see some parts fall flat. I am someone in between the 10/10 and 1/10 scores that this show has been getting.

The animation was deceptively simple.  It doesn’t have quite the flash and glitter of a show like Attack on Titan but these animators are definitely smart (if not sometimes a little too smart).   It’s very clear that this show knew where to focus their attentions and what details needed to be added in.

I love the opening and closing themes.  I am truly addicted to them.  Also, these voice actors were so phenomenal.  Plus, I was surprised to learn that a lot of the voice actors were relative new comers, which made me really excited about the idea that these talented individuals might get a lot of recognition for this show.

This show was able to capture the attention and trust of its audience very quickly, so I can understand why some people will feel betrayed when the show made mistakes. It handle all of its criteria so well that you can’t see its faults. Yet, even so, I would say that the journey it takes you on isn’t ruined by its faults.  I would definitely recommend it.


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