Gate 2


The JDSF is back for the the much awaited season 2, The world beyond the Gate is in for a wild of ride of politics, negotiations, espionage and war. Falling right in the middle of all this is our great captain Itani- dono and his harem.

This season took in to deal with the source material’s grim/dark/grit atmosphere, because they didn’t know how to show it in an appropriate context for mainstream audiences. They did well with the throat cutting in the first season’s episode, but failed when it came to the siege warfare when hostages were used to get the defenders out of their defensive lines. Now we have one of the chief “proto” villains, who is abusing a bunny warrior in his bedroom, all naked, but behind a very well done “veneer” or “facade” of silk, so that only their outlines are seen.

This was great way to showcase the the decadence and moral degradation of this pseudo Roman “Empire”, the JSDF is facing. Which makes it really satisfying when the hammer of justice in the form of bullets rained down on them.

The way the JDSF set up a spy/humanitarian post in the red light distinct is a huge plus for them strategic wise and very intriguing on a professional level. That how is how you get your toe in the the doorway for you and your army one way or another. The cultural influence and vitality of Japan was contrasted with the expansionism of the Empire , as well as real powers of Earth: USA and China.

Just as japan’s expansion into the western world using itscuture to the point where we here today read and write reviews of their popular and sub cultural artistic productions, without a single gun being pointed at our heads to make us do so, so the same happens in this anime with the JSDF and their Arnus fortress base. It can be easy disregard as an otaku’s fantasy, but it is a lesson worth learning as the world are moving to fourth generation warfare. Wars are here to stay with humanity, but that doesn’t mean we can solve everything by dropping bombs and missiles everywhere.

So overall themes, fantasy in a strange world; that is closer to our own reality.  Ways to in dealing with historical entities like the Roman Empire and nomadic societies. A lot of fun stuff going on there.

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