The flow of Kyoukai no RINNE works pretty well for the most part of the show, which is pretty impressive when you consider that they literally took chapters from all over the manga and placed them in a completely new order. By doing this, stories no longer feel random, but instead, progress one to another. That’s not to say that all of the episodes are linked, but there is a natural feel to how things progress. This effort by Brain Base that allows for a better sense of growth and development from the characters. I really applause Brain Base for putting time and effort to do this. The randomness of the manga was the reason that made me dropped it.

Another thing Brain’s Base did is improve on the comedy aspects of the RIN-NE manga. While some things in the manga made me laugh, other things that I knew were supposed to make me laugh didn’t. When animated, Brain’s Base made these flat jokes from the manga turn into something actually funny or at the very least, amusing. Things I found funny from the manga, I actually found funnier in the anime. I think it was the improvement in the comedy aspects of the manga for the anime that really won me over. It let me know that Brain’s Base was dedicated to finding those rough gems and making them something special.

In the end, Kyoukai no RINNE ends up being a superior title to its source manga, due to the fact that Brain’s Base able to take the lackluster efforts of Takahashi-sensei and turn them into something that has very good humor at times, characters that were better than they were in the source manga, and stories that while mostly based on the manga, were rearranged in such a way so as to make the anime series flow in a more natural way and make the characters feel as though they are actually growing.

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