Diamond no Ace 2

Again we return to this amazing baseball anime that has a gripping story formula like season  in the form of reaching Koshien. While also allowing  the addition of new characters adds more spice to the story which continued from season 1. One of the notable additions would be Coach Ochiai. Which I won’t go into because of spoilers.

I could find nothing wrong with the art style of this anime. It’s easy on the eyes and I like it. Another thing I like about this anime is that the character designs are somewhat realistic – you wouldn’t find a player with green hair or orange hair out of the blue. (with an exception for the Kominato brothers) This gives the anime a grounded feeling.

It is just the best. Madhouse has fitted every scene with the right and most fitting sound effects. Especially in the BGM, I found that madhouse has done a really great job of mixing the sound with each moment and situation. I could feel the intensity and suspense of the game from the screen. Also, I’d like to include that the voice actors has a done a great job of voice acting. their voices fit the characters almost perfectly.

Sawamura is the loud, cheerful, wears his heart on his sleeve kind of guy. So what kind of quirk does he have that makes him the Main Character? He’s a southpaw (left-handed) pitcher and has a peculiar pitch (both of which make him a unique type of player). But, even though he’s unique he isn’t the type of MC that’s super-talented right from the start, he doesn’t suddenly “power up” in the middle of a game, is unstoppable and wins all the matches; on the contrary, he gets into Seidou and quickly realises it’s not as easy as he thought to become the ace because there are other people there who are more skilled than him. He falters during important moments, and even if he doesn’t get back up immediately, he does eventually pick himself up and learns to move on. In other words, he accepts that he has a lot of faults, and this is what makes him so likeable and seems more human. Though a bit of an idiot (well, a big idiot), he works hard, values friendship, supports the team and always puts 120% in everything that he does. And the best part for me, he’s unpredictable. Just when you think he’s turning the corner and well on his way to becoming the ace, he messes up a play or does something really silly. I’m always on edge with him.

Miyuki, the genius catcher, is personality-wise, almost the exact opposite of Sawamura, except for the cheerful part. He’s as crafty and intelligent as they come and though on the outside he’s always smiling, he has a bit of a dark side. He’s like the evil genius.

Furuya is our Main Character’s rival for the ace spot. At first glance, he looks like the cool and collected type of person, also; but after a while I found him to be an adorable idiot as well: not being able to catch a simple throw and his instant-snooze reaction amongst others.

Last but not least of our main cast quartet, is Haruichi. Character-design wise, he’s the cutest one. Especially love his new haircut. And though he might be cute, he’s one amazing baseball player: not only is he a batting prodigy, but an exceptional fielder as well. At the same time, he’s so humble and shy. Cuteness overload!

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