shoujo tachi wa kouya wo mezasu

The first episode caught my attention with the way the male MC was introduced. After watching this show, I feel that I neither hate or love this show as it was pulling itself into too many directions and that 12 episode was too little for people to like this show. The fact that is was base on a VN means that there were parts that were rushed to fit with the episode count. If this show had more episodes, we would have gotten an amazing story full of laughs.

The great thing about this anime is that it took a very technical approach to the game designing process which drew up  interest if anyone’s actually done similar things. Yet, it also didn’t get too technical that it made things difficult to understand. It also shows the grim reality that it takes a lot more than talent and skills follow a dream and make a living in the Wasteland.

Although they made a game and released it in the end which resolve the plot of the series,  a lot of other subs- plots were rushed or were too brief like the brother’s debt and the conflict it caused was resolved too quickly or the bet between the two development groups. I would like to see that meanie CEO apologised for being all high and mighty, but lost the bet.

This show had the potential to do so much more, but couldn’t manage that, yet it was still fun to watch overall.


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