Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season

This world of Shirayuki’s is a strange one that doesn’t really fit into any expected genre despite its original shoujo audience. This is the continued story of a determined young woman with clear goals for the future. Themes of love and personal growths present as in a typical shoujo, but Shirayuki journey with Zen, Obi, Kiki and Mutsuhidi is full of adventure, suspense and political dancing both in the literal and metaphorical and comedy. As simple as this anime appears episode to episode, there’s a wealth of emotions and experiences to learn from.

This second season, in particular, focuses more on Shirayuki outside of Clarines and away from Prince Zen’s protection. She is a strong, smart, and resourceful woman who raises the spirits of everyone she meets, encouraging them to be the best of themselves they can be. I really enjoyed seeing the warring emotions of fear and determination on her face while with the Claw of the Sea–they grounded her as a relatable person full of her own uncertainties. This attention to character depth reaches out to the rest of the cast, like Zen, his retainers, and Prince Raji. Due to the events of the first season, I saw Raji as a very one-dimensional person with only his selfish desires to define him. Happily, this second season showcases his growth as a person and as the prince of Tanbarun after his encounter with Shirayuki.

I don’t how far the anime has caught up with the manga, but I can see any more sequels coming this year, we will properly get an ova or two, but I think it id a few years down the road before we get another season. The anime ended very well with that lovely scene as left much to the imagination.

2 thoughts on “Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season

  1. I loved the first season, but I loved this second season even more. I also fell in love with Obi in the second season >w< (He's super cool).


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