Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

I loved the Utawarerumono that aired back in 2006. The show had fantasy adventure, adorable character designs, and light humour remained with me over the years.

When this unexpected sequel was announced, I was thrilled. I wanted to see the original cast and romp around with Aruruu and Mukkuru. That was not to be, as we opened with an entirely new cast far in the future of the previous events. There are references to the original, and we do meet some of our old friends, but they are largely ignored in favour of focusing on the kingdom of Yamato.

I wanted to be able to see this show on its own as a spin-off rather than a sequel, but the story of the original kept flashing back to me and made me compare the two. Kamen fell short in term of story and characters. The show could have done so much more to elaborate upon Yamato’s funding instead of the short tale the emperor provides on Haku’s behalf.

I will check out the third part when the anime comes out to get a conclusion to the story, and I hope that the third part will be more like the original.

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