Introducing: Game Corner!

What’s up, everyone? I’m the new writer, and I’m here to talk video games.

For many anime fans, its not uncommon to dabble in a few video games as well. Being no exception to this, I have been tasked with covering a variety of different titles, giving them the recognition they deserve.

With this being an anime blog, my articles will focus heavily on video games inspired by anime series in addition to those that have themselves, received anime adaptations. Occasionally, I may post about some of my favourite titles with a Japanese type theme, be they created in Japan, or simply inspired by it. Any requests will be considered and should be delivered via comment or email, however, my budget is limited, so do not be discouraged if I am not able to fulfil them all.

So, whether you’re itching to find some exciting adventures that you can really interact with without sacrificing that anime feel, eager to find some amazing new titles to catch your eye or simply have a keen eye for a bit of extra light reading, Blaztavern’s new Game Corner aims to please.

Ciao, for now.


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