Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

The story follows a group of people trying to live in this unique video game world. It’s never addressed as such, but the rules still apply. There’s just one twist: people can die, and the six individuals are now tasked to live their life here. They grow as a group and they learn to cope with the challenges of life including poverty, ridicule and even death. There is also another thing, they can’t remember their previous lives or how they arrived in this fantasy world.

This is probably the most visually striking anime of the season, and you can tell A-1 Pictures is going all out with this one. The story is nothing new as we have a lot of stuck in a game anime in recent years like Overlord, SAO and Log Horizon . This One does well with its slower pacing and a great story. The show was really slow at the beginning, but by the final episode everything lined up very well.  I really wanted more of it. I want another season simply because the anime experience is really unique.

Light Novel adaptation of anime is usually quite rushed so that they can cover the novel which creates a mess. This anime is of those ones that take its time to tell a good story.

The first few episodes were a big prologue for the story. It gave us time to see how the group form a party and how at first they were really struggling to fight a single monster. How the group learn to become friends by living together, communicating and arguing with each other. After all that, life hit them in the face by killing the leader Manato. Yes, people, they kill off the main character right off the bat. The show tricked you with the four episodes of routine lives and daily grinding with a death at the end.

If you’re expecting an SAO style anime, then you won’t find it here. Grimgar is about six people living their life and nothing more. The big twist is that they are stuck in a video game, but they are simply humans living out their life. The mundane daily routine of the characters is the story because the point of the anime is to feature real life inside a game.

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