Valkyria Chronicles

Years after its original release, we were recently dropped with an HD remaster of an absolute masterpiece. Inspiring an anime adaptation and two sequels (a third on the way),  Valkyria Chronicles is a must have for strategy fans and will always be one of my absolute favourites. Just be prepared to cry. A lot.

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The Versatile Award

I would like to say thank you to Matt nominating me for the the Versatile Award. Once you are done reading this, please go read his blog. He will keep you updated with the lastest anime news, video games news and make you laugh till your sides hurt. Continue reading

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is a mixture of a meta-comedy with references and gags from old Gainax shorts to the Haruhi Suzumiya craze, and it reminds me of the comedy: Azumanga Daioh. The two series have very little in common with each other. One is a comedy with its finger on the pulse of Akihabara, the other is an endearing comedy about the everyday lives of six high school girls. But there are two crucial things that both series possess that made fans love it: a strong cast of likeable characters and an eye for the funny details in everyday life. Continue reading