The Boy and The Beast

This movie has a great story that made me cry. This movie has the best growth of characters in an animated movie that I have seen so far. The only complaint I have with this movie was the way it kind of neglected the Bakemoto Realm whenKyuuta goes to the human and the final battle was predictable.

Besides the people, the background art was really realistic like it was in Wolf Children. The people looked fine, but I think they didn’t have much detail so you could praise how well the background art is.

Jesus christ, I have never ever cried from a character’s actions. But even when Kyuuta cheers for Kumatetsu, at the beginning I teared up. The student teacher relationship between Kyuuta and Kumatetsu (always arguing)strikes me as being very real and normal, but somehow it was unique as they were able to complete each other.

If you liked wolf children, you will probably like this as well. Since it was directed by the same person, but the stories are completely different.  Yet at the same time, they have similar feelings to them. I don’t know, I feel really excited after watching it and it was probably my favourite anime movie. Maybe it is just because I haven’t seen any good anime movies since I was like 10, but this movie is really going to stay with me.

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