Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2

I’ve been waiting for this since the first one came out! It’s story basically picks off where the first one left off, where the protagonists Ayato and Julis are participating as a dual in the Phoenix Festa, a competition against the elites of the six magic schools, where the winners get their wish granted.

The story of the magic school battles is really nothing new, but it is still great to watch as there are different bits and pieces each time. Asterisk is a bit different cause story doesn’t feel like your typical development mainly because the characters have their own purpose that they are fighting for in the Festa. They are just trying to protect humankind from an alien threat. The harem aspect of the series is not too overdone, we get a few reminders that Ayato has a few crushes. I like the whole battle royale type of competition they have, and it is done nicely where the competitors have something to offer as well.

I really like what they did with the effects for this, as well as weapon styles because it really creates suspense for the fights. It is a huge upgrade from the first season.

Like I said, I’m a sucker for those background stories, but that carries over from the first season, I’m hoping to see characters develop further in this. I like that we learn a little more about Julis. Aayato has a bit character development in the form of locating his sister and learning to depend on the girls more. Saya was also able to let go of her guilt for leaving Ayato.

I like this series a lot more than it’s competitors of the same genre and I definitely recommend it

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