The Versatile Award

I would like to say thank you to Matt nominating me for the the Versatile Award. Once you are done reading this, please go read his blog. He will keep you updated with the lastest anime news, video games news and make you laugh till your sides hurt.


  • show the award
  • share 7 things about yourself
  • thank the nominator
  • nominate some (about 10) bloggers

7 interesting things.

  1. My first anime ever was Doremon, I started watching it when I was 7 years old.

2.  I was born with Cerebral Palsy.

3. I always put my newest anime song on repeat until me or my family got sick of it.

4. My favorite food is chicken fried rice

5. Makoto Shinkai & Mamoru Hosoda films will make me cry for days.

6. I can speak French, Vietnamese and English.

7. I am afraid of ghosts, insects and needles.


  1. Inner Thoughts of an Extrovert
  2. Anime B & B
  3. English Light Novels
  4. Magnitude Anime Reviews
  6. Anime Girls NYC
  7. Pantless anime blogger
  8. Karandi
  9. Arria Cross
  10. Neighborhoodotaku

 I realised a lot of the nominees had received this award, but I don’t know that many blogs, so I apologised.

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