How I Went from Poetry to Anime

This is the story of how I went from blogging about poetry to blogging about anime.

I started blogging during  my year 9 of high school, and the reason for it was simple I wanted to impress a girl I was fancying at the time. I am a regular reader of books, but I was never a lover of poetry. I thought at the time since she was a wonderful actress and singer, ( I can’t act and my singing was a nightmare) I decided to write her a poem.  Since I am still single at the moment, you all could guess the outcome of this.

I made a huge mistake at the time that I promised to never do on this blog: I didn’t do any researched regarding poetry at the time. That was a valuable lesson for me. After that attempt to use poetry to woo a girl, I realised I enjoyed writing. That was the birth of my first attempt to write a blog. I failed miserably, I didn’t learn or researched any aspects or styles in poetry. I wrote about anything that pops into my head at the time, and I couldn’t attract any readers. I had maintained and updated it all the way till year 12, but by then I had lost all motivation to continue it. I decided to delete it in 2014.

Around that time, I also stopped watching anime and reading because I thought I was not normal, and it would improve my reputation. ( how Baka of me, right?) Suddenly, I was added to an anime group by @savageshark. I started to rediscover the joys of anime and manga while also connecting to old friends. I metamorphosised into this otaku you now see before you.

And then around last year, I decided to spread my love for my hobby to the world and suggested this to the group. There was a suggestion to make a youtube, but due to lack of experienced and time, we decided to start a blog instead. Since I suggested the idea, I will manage the blog. That was the day the blog of BlazTaven was born. (My child!!!!)

I won’t call this anime blog a success by any means. I still have a long way to go compare to my friends: Inner Thoughts of an ExtrovertFujinseiMattMagnitudeAnime B&B100wordAnime, and Pinky Palace. Compared to the poetry blog, this child is a huge step forward. And thanks to him/her I have made new otaku friends( Mentioned above).  Now you know how a fool drunk on love became a reviewer.

I would like to thank @mistercrickster1 and @savageshark for their contributions.


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