Ushio and Tora 2

Ushio to Tora’s first season was fantastic in its own right. It executed itself perfectly while doing its buildup during its monster of the week phase and when it started delving into its own story. However, this last season has managed to take what the first had done and gone beyond what I ever expected, and I doubt anything else can come out this year that could top this in terms of pure quality.

Ushio partnership is a strong story plot in the story, and how it plays an integral part in defeating Hakumen. Ushio’s character was shown more and his mentality shown through the entire series, and he’s own of the most delightful positive characters I’ve seen. Not only is Tora the same, but we get to see deeper into who he is. The side stories that was started last season were all resolved perfectly. whether they are new faces like Guren or the Azafuse, or old friends like the Kagare, Kirio, and Hyou. All the loose ends were completed and every character was fantastic.

Ushio to Tora always had a great art style that I like that is a shoutout to the 80s and 90s shounen battle series that I saw a lot of as a kid.

This was the show I was looking forward to the most each season, no matter what else happened.

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