Sometimes, one’s attention to a show is caught by a rather weird combination that shouldn’t really be all that unusual. In Bakuon!!‘s case, that is high school girls and motorbikes. The somewhat sexist or sexualized notion of “biker chicks” aside (the second one of which I’m at least fractionally guilty), the show seems solely dedicated to the weird concept of motorcycles and all its weird appeals. Continue reading

Pokémon: Sun and Moon


Pokémon Sun and Moon have been available worldwide for almost a month and despite the entire game being datamined and leaked days before their release, have sold very well. As a huge fan of the series, I was among the millions of players eagerly awaiting the chance to explore the new region and I certainly have lots to say about it.

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“Akame ga Kiru” Now, I Die.  


After the manga has finally reached the epic confrontation between Esdeath and Akame, I thus decided it was time to watch the anime version of it.


The manga version of the fight was, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking showdown I’ve ever seen. Esdeath was depicted as the embodiment of an unstoppable force through effortlessly fencing 1 million manpower + magical-device users and experts in all field of killing. To topple down the regime, to break the boundary of the physical laws of the world was to overcome this ruthless beast. But what makes Esdeath powerful is only partially thanks to her equipment, Demon’s Extract.

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