“Akame ga Kiru” Now, I Die.  


After the manga has finally reached the epic confrontation between Esdeath and Akame, I thus decided it was time to watch the anime version of it.


The manga version of the fight was, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking showdown I’ve ever seen. Esdeath was depicted as the embodiment of an unstoppable force through effortlessly fencing 1 million manpower + magical-device users and experts in all field of killing. To topple down the regime, to break the boundary of the physical laws of the world was to overcome this ruthless beast. But what makes Esdeath powerful is only partially thanks to her equipment, Demon’s Extract.

When it comes to the art of killing, Esdeath was a competent and exceptional expert in the field, but her experiences of dancing in the palm of Death multiple times is what makes her the more dangerous, befitting of her title of Empire’s Strongest General. Although we all know that Esdeath will have to meet her end and Akame will be her guillotine, the manga shows that such feast is not an easy task through demonstrating the infamous strength of Esdeath and Akame’s own expertise The final scene that Akame managed to overcome Esdeath, in my opinion, was the final limit of a human and a test of hope – to never waver, even till the very end. Something the anime fails to depict.
The beginning, and the mid-fight, the anime fails to give that feelings to me. Somehow, from the very start, I suddenly lost interested. Like, “oh sure..she will win”. Esdeath didn’t have this vibe of all-powerful inhuman that I get from the manga.
That being said, both endings have a beautiful touch of it own. In the manga, even as she’s slowly dying, Esdeath maintains a beautiful allure that equals to the fall of a legend, something Akame fears and respects at the same time. The anime takes a different approach, showing the General has surrendered herself to her faith, yet at the same time joy can be seen across her face, as she disperses into thin air, along with her only love.
And that is the only thing I can agree on when watching and reading Akame ga Kiru.

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