LoveLive: School Idol Festival

Every anime fan knows exactly who these girls are. Some of us aren’t proud of it, but we can’t help but feel the energy as soon as we hear those catchy tunes and see those familiar faces. If you’ve watched the anime (Sunshine included), you’ve been met with  fun and friendship, as well as feels and frustration. But don’t worry, it’s all smiles from here… Continue reading

High School Fleet


This show was not at all what I expected it to be. Once I saw the character designs, their outfits, and the fleet, I thought that we will be getting another anime similar to Kancolle. The girls will meet and gained a ship name, weapons, and supplies to fight each other. I expected a battle school anime and daily high school lives of girls and the Harekaze to receive some cutesy mascot nickname, and to work its way through all the other ships for a final victory against the intimidating Musashi. There was a battle like that in the end, but no in the way, I was expecting.  Continue reading