Natsume Yuujinchou 4

Finding something new to say about this show is not easy, especially in light of how it basically portrays Natsume Takashi’s young adult life and how it reached its current state through the kindness of his relatives and the friendship he made with both human and youkai alike.

If you read my first review of the season, you would recall how surprised I was when I watched this show, and it is nothing like Bleach. It packs a falcon punched right into my poor soul. It was actually quite swiftly followed by the second season, which didn’t quite live up to the first, and then by a third, which ended up being the best of all of the seasons.

This season will in-between the second and third season because the animation quality for this season seems a little lowered compared to the other seasons. This could be just me being over-critical, but this is one of my favourite slice of life shows. On a more positive note, this is probably the season with the least amount of filler. And not only that, but the count of double-episodes in this season actually outstrips that of any of the earlier seasons, and is actually the first season to feature a TRIPLE episode,

This whole series is definitely worth watching from start to finished, and with season 5 coming soon I am just so excited for more youkai troubles.

2 thoughts on “Natsume Yuujinchou 4

  1. Season 4 definitely had a clear focus compared to the previous seasons and there really wasn’t the monster of the week (yokai of the week) focus. Natsume is just such a fun show to watch though and having watched the fifth season I’m now really looking forward to season 6.

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