Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a five episode short(special sixth episode limited to the special editions) that is supposed to be a treat for those like me who are anticipating the grand game.
The episodes focus mainly on the dynamics and friendship of the group and the bonds between the main character Prince Noctis and his companions.
Most episodes give insight on each character’s backstory and purpose, doing greatly so.

Each episode feels complete, and even if you didn’t like this or that character at the start, you might find yourself liking him a bit more after that character’s assigned episode with well-written development.
I sometimes find myself rewatching an episode or two, simply because it’s enjoyable.

Each episode is focused on a different character, apart from episode one which establishes the basics of their relationships. These shorts are only about fifteen minutes long so they don’t have time to show us too much and instead focus on one aspect of their personalities. The focus at all times is on their relationship with Noctis.

The characters won’t have to be a worry for me while playing this beautiful game. The animated short, for me, did a really good job at actually getting to know Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio.

P.S. I decided to post this earlier as a celebration of my Birthday


4 thoughts on “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

  1. That Prompto episode actually blew my mind. He was my least favourite character of the four, but after watching Brotherhood I found that I actually relate to him the most.

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