Best Of Gintama

An early look at next week’s issue of Shonen Jump has revealed plans for a Yorinuke Gintama.-san run of the anime this spring, along the lines of the 2010 Yorinuki Gintama.-san run. This will feature new themes and live-action adaptation cast commentary along with re-runs of the Hideaki Sorachi series’ best anime episodes.

As announced earlier this month, coming in April, CHiCO with HoneyWorks returns for the opening (2015’s Shinigami and Confession arcs, along with comedy episodes) featuring their “Pride Kakumei.” XY is on ending “We Gotta Fight.”The manga

The manga is entering its final arc in July, so my best guess is that we will get an anime season in Summer of 2018. Fingers crossed.

Read the full article.

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