JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

The first season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is truly epic. It’s not like your typical shounen anime where the story drags on too long and feels like its overstaying it’s welcome. The first two arcs seriously felt like an epic. Not like it’s overly awesome, I mean epic as in Beowulf vs Grendel. It’s really about a story of heroism and amazing manliness in the pages of a manga. The anime captured the appeal wonderfully as you witness Jonathan and Joseph Joestar duke it out with a bunch of immortal vampires.Its story like how Nazis ended up fighting vampires in the second arc. For the third arc, the fights were in various places around Asia. From Hong Kong to India up to Pakistan, the scenic places of these countries are prominently featured in the story. Seeing a showdown in a crowded Indian market is pretty awesome considering how unusual it is. It’s not your typical shounen affair where two overpowered individuals just beat each other silly. The fights are so diverse that it’s not just your straight forward power fest. A lot of things are taken into consideration to give us some of the most inspired fights you’ll ever see in Shounen. Admittedly, they’re also very gimmicky but I think it is part of the appeal. The journey to Egypt is riddled with a lot of very unusual moments that I think made this third arc special. After all, Jotaro’s journey started with a fight with a bug on a flying aeroplane. I kid you not, that’s how unusual this third arc is.

The plot is full of plot twists and asks a lot of philosophical questions and answers them as well. The plot is complex like no other and is so well written I found myself suddenly crying because of how good and intriguing it was. After having watched Jojo I see the world in a different light and my IQ has been raised by 8 points. It’s that deep and philosophical.

This truly is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The way the fights that were featured were so imaginative that you can’t help but enjoy every second of it. I seriously felt entertained as I anticipate more inventive fight scenes to occur in the anime.

This .s truly the epitome of Coolness as the adventure never stop at its mark and packs its bag. Instead, it shows why the series is called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. And that is freaking awesome.

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