Betrayal in Anime

I have recently suffered a deep and public betrayal by a friend. I won’t go into details to bore you. I am making some assumption about you guys here: I think most of my readers read a manga or watch anime. If not, I am do apologise. We all have seen in anime like Naruto, Gintama, Trigun, Iron Blood Orphans that enemies are easier to deal with then backstabbing friends.  I am still shocked with how my friend humiliated on social media even if I I am to blame for it.

If this was an anime, there would be a few episodes to explained the reasons behind his actions, his feelings and a way to perhaps fix our friendship, but unlike Gintama, you can’t understand someone motives that easy.

Yes, the world will never as clear cut as anime. Even if you try to apologise, people will never respond for whatever reason. I have lost a good friend that I can never get back. I wish every day that I can see a flashback like Vash, I get see through my friend’s eyes and be able to accept him.

I will always be grateful for what he and his family did for me, but I don’t think I can ever see him as the friend I had. That person is gone and I will always miss for as long as I lived. I will always pay my debts, so if I can I will still help him, but I will always live with regret.

In conclusion my readers please, try to remember my regret if you come across a similar situation. Please put yourself in someone’s shoes before you let your anger destroyed you both. Try to work with them and not against them to find a better solution like the characters in our favourite media.

11 thoughts on “Betrayal in Anime

  1. A betrayal from a friend can hurt dearly, the best one can do when something like this happens is hope we can learn from our own mistakes in these situations so that we don’t end up in the same position again. This of course by no means we ourselves are in the wrong because of the betrayal but like everything that happens in life it is something we must learn from.

    A very interesting piece I enjoyed reading!

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