Sword Art Online: Lost Song





An immensely popular series about being stuck inside a video game. So why not make an actual game out of it? Makes perfect sense.

Lost Song is the second of the Sword Art Online games (Technically third, but Hollow Fragment and Infinity moment can be picked up together). In case you didn’t already know, the games are centred around an “alternate canon” which deviates from the end of the first series arc. In this game particularly, the gang have survived SAO and are well into their adventures in Alfheim Online. It can be a little jarring at first with the noticeable art style change, but you quickly get used to it.

The first point of note is that following the theme of fairies, your characters can fly. Being able to fly throughout the world feels so free and is a very clever way of getting around quickly. Even the combat can take place  just as effortlessly in mid-air as it can on the ground, making for some epic battles. Also new to the series is magic abilities, which were noticeably absent in SAO and also provide a refreshing change to the combat.

In previous instalments, the player was confined to playing as Kirito. But now, you can play as all of your favourite characters, with a few cameos thrown in there too. Also available is the chance to create three additional characters to play as, though more like slightly customise a generalised model, adding to the playable roster.

By far my favourite feature is the addition of multiplayer missions. A challenge mode style list of cooperative battles that can be taken on with friends for access to the games best equipment, or even duel it out in competitive to see who is the more skilled. Either way, it makes a nice break from grinding out the story and adds to the fun.

All in all, an easy to play, easy to enjoy kind of game. Especially for fan of the series looking for their fix between seasons.


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