Joker Game

It follows a new spy agency in Japan before it enters World War II, and it involves eight spy agents carrying out their various missions. Now that is a cool story anime and the only problem I see with this anime is its length. It was too short. I wanted more!!! The story was far from simple and so it needed more episodes, but it was still complex engaging and an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. I smile at the end of every episode because of the solid writing from the show. It’s just clean and concise, and it’s a pretty rare thing to come by nowadays.

The anime is about a group of spies and their missions. Every episode has a stand-alone story focusing on one of the eight spies of the D-Agency. There are some two part episodes, but the anime is non-episodic in design. I was a bit worry that each episode that is 0nly 23 minutes in length could not tell a good spy story, but boy was I wrong.

The first episode explains that the Joker Game is about convincing other people to join your side, and it also involves using people to get what you want. A poker scene suddenly took on a different meaning when the show focuses on the surrounding characters apparently signalling one of the players of their opponent’s cards. The following episodes will soon contain stories of the same nature. It involves people using others to get what they want, and it focuses on the sly handed tricks spies will use to complete their mission. As true to the D-agency’s motto “To kill or die are the worst decisions a spy can make.” Rather, focus on how to effectively play the Joker Game.

The Joker Game is the theme of each at each episode. Using other people without them knowing about it, making up the most calculated plans to achieve the ideal scenario, and trying to escape dangerous situations are all wonderful ingredients of a Joker Game. Every episode promises these ingredients to really make each story as interesting and engaging to watch. Despite having these explosive ingredients, though, the stories aren’t really a carbon copy of each other. The thing I like about the individual stories is that the main characters are all different. It could follow the exploits of the spies of D-Agency, or it could have their enemy as the main characters. It could even focus on their targets, and it really just proves how flexible the story can be. This anime’s main strength lies in the structure of the stories: they’re all mystery stories.

These stories are used to trick both the audience and the antagonists with me having a tough time seeing the Joker until it is all over.  The way the smallest details often has the most meaning is the strongest Joker of this anime. The mystery is really just a smart trick to engage the audience.

One of my complaints about the story is the unforgettable spies. I get it, though, because they’re supposed to meld in the background and remain unknown entities in a country spying for another. They’re supposed to be on the down low, but eight of them can be a hassle to track. Some of them look alike, and I often mix up one character to another. I would sometimes remember the spies already featured in previous episodes, so I know which spy is being featured now, but it’s often a tiresome task.

Another flaw I noticed is that the characters featured in the story and their motivations are often the same. Most of the stories feature a lot of revenge plans carried out by vulnerable people.

This is a really solid anime. The story is amazing, the animation is top notch and the mystery is just engaging. The characters might be a bit forgettable, but the twists and turns in the show make up for it.

2 thoughts on “Joker Game

  1. Yeah, I enjoyed this show a lot but I don’t remember the spies. Maybe it’s on purpose, but I still rmeember the stories though. So, it’s kinda brilliant like they totally lived as nameless shadows.

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