Gal Gun: Double Peace


This is, without a doubt, the single weirdest game I have ever played. But behind the pervy highschool theme is a very entertaining rail shooter which is very rare nowadays. You just need to be extra careful that nobody is around when you are playing.

You play as a pretty simple guy, nothing too special about him. Oh, except for the fact that he has been shot with a supercharged shot for a Cupid angel’s “Love Gun” and now every girl in the school is insanely in love with him. Even the teachers! Your job is to navigate the crazy mob of schoolgirls trying to kiss you, hand you their love notes and shout you their confessions by shooting them with your “pheromone shot” to overwhelm them with a wave of euphoria, allowing you to slip past them and pursue the girl of your dreams. If reading that paragraph didn’t make you completely despair for humanity, then this is definitely the game for you.

Storywise, it is your typical lighthearted, hilarious, fanservice ecchi type thing. There are 5 story routes following five different choices for your true love. Each route has a bad, good and true ending based on your dialogue choices and your performance in the game. After gaining some experience with the game and completing a few routes, you will unlock an additional mode allowing you to pursue any girl in the game. Literally any, first, second, third years and teachers alike. There is even a ghost, if you can find her. Also hidden within the story are two secret endings with two additional characters, one of which I understand is special since she was a major character in the first game. Makes no difference to most of us, since the first was never released in the west, but keep your eagle eyes open anyway, because she makes a sneaky appearance in every stage after the first.

Another crazy feature is something that sends this game from racy and daft, to very racy and very daft and its name had me facepalming for about ten minutes. The so named “Doki Doki mode” is used as a sort of ultimate ability. You freeze time, choose up to three girls and basically touch, rub and pat your way to glory, or until they pass out from the sheer pleasure of it. If you think that is weird, try playing on the PS Vita, where “touch” literally means “touch.” It’s slightly tweaked for the final sequences of the game, but its essentially the same thing.

So imagine you’re a complete ecchi demon ( like Tanteikid =P ), and you’re playing away, enjoying all the girls, shenanigans and pantsu ( don’t ask). When all of a sudden, MUM ALERT! Fear not, for the game features a panic button, which instantaneously pauses the game and switches the screen to something a little more appropriate. One look at that 8 bit battle screen  based off a classic RPG and they’ll never know a thing. So good old Tanteikid can carry on in his little fantasy world. Unless he is playing on a vita, in which case he gets caught because this feature is not available.

So basically, very weird, but insanely entertaining. Just make sure that if you are mentally prepared for the looks of judgement should you be caught. Oh, and maybe have some tissues on the ready in case of nosebleeds…..



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